For more than a decade, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have dominated global development paradigm until 2015. As a follow-up, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been agreed as global development agenda post 2015. SDGs are consisted of 17 goals, including:

Goal 1           – No Poverty

Goal 6           – Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 11         – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 13         – Climate Change

Goal 17         – Partnership for the Goals

In the meantime, one of global challenges currently developed and faced by all the countries around the world is the increasing urbanization. This implies that there is a need for more effective effort in providing and developing settlement and urban development.

The Government has set the target as the outcome indicators 2015-2019 in human settlement and urban infrastructure, which is 100 percent of access to safe drinking water for the people, 0 percent proportion of household living in slum urban areas, and 100 percent of proper sanitation.

It is not easy to achieve those targets, if it only depends on the government funds and current programs and strategies, without empower other potential funding. Indonesia is estimated to be able to reach 85% of drinking water access, 5% of slum areas, and 75% of proper sanitation (85-5-75) until 2019.


Gap of Achievement of the 100-0-100 Movement

To fulfill the gaps (15-5-25) and create livable and sustainable city and settlements, accelerated development required involving all stakeholders, including central government, local government, university, private, as well as community. It is needed a breakthrough, not business as usual, and synergistic effort from multi-stakeholder.

Therefore, Kemitraan Habitat was established on February 17th, 2015 with the form of a union group. Kemitraan Habitat has 26 members, which consist of various backgrounds, such as bureaucrats, experts and academics, as well as private sector. KEMITRAAN HABITAT exist as driving force to foster collaboration among the stakeholders in creating livable and sustainable settlements.


Meeting of Kemitraan-Habitat’s Founders