Organization Structure

Membership of Kemitraan Habitat is a priviledge and non-transferable to another party, either directly or through inheritance. Kemitraan Habitat is established by multi-stakeholder member called Teman Serikat and managed by executive member called Dewan Eksekutif (Executive Board). The Executive Board of Kemitraan Habitat runs collectively collegial duties. In facilitation activities to partner cities, there is one person who was appointed as coordinator of UDMA (Urban Development and Management Advisory). The Executive Board and UDMA are assisted by secretariat staff.

Organizational Structure of Kemitraan Habitat




1. DR. (HC) Ir. Djoko Kirmanto, Dipl. HE


He was The Minister of Public Works of Indonesia since October 21, 2004, in Indonesia Bersatu Cabinet, and re-appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Minister of Public Works on Indonesia Bersatu II Cabinet on October 22, 2009). Djoko Kirmanto, born in Solo, July 4, 1943, has education background in Civil Engineering from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta in 1969 and Land and Water Development IHE-Delft, Netherlands in 1977 for his post-graduate degree. In 2005, Djoko Kirmanto was awarded the Honoris Causa Doctorate in Regional and Urban Development by Diponegoro University, and in 2014 he was awarded the Honoris Causa Doctorate in Water Resources and Environment by Gadjah Mada University.



2. Ir. Erna Witoelar, M.Si.


Born in Lake Tempa, South Sulawesi, February 6, 1947, Erna Witoelar was the Minister of Settlements and Regional Development of Indonesia, incorporated in Persatuan Nasional Cabinet in 2000-2001. Her educational background is Chemical Engineering from Institute of Technology Bandung and Human Ecology from University of Indonesia for her post-graduate degree. In addition to being active in Kemitraan Habitat, she is also active in the other organizations such as KEHATI, WALHI, and Philanthropy Indonesia.



3. M. Ridwan Kamil, ST, MUD


Ridwan Kamil is known as Mayor of Bandung since 2013. He was born (Oktober 4, 1971) and grew up in Bandung. He also finished his education from Department of Architecture ITB in 1995. He earned a Master of Urban Design from University of California, Berkeley in 2001. He also established a company in the field of planning, architecture and design consulting services, PT Urbane Indonesia.



4. Dr. Bima Arya Sugiarto


Bima Arya Sugiarto was born in Bogor, December 17, 1972. He is currently as Mayor of Bogor since 2014. He got  degree in International Relations at Parahyangan University, then continued his post-graduate education at Monash University Department of Development Studies, and doctoral degree in Political Science at Australian National University. Besides being the Mayor of Bogor City, he is also a Commissioner of Charta Politika Indonesia and a post-graduate lecturer in University of Paramadina.



5. Setyono Djuandi Darmono


SD Darmono who was born in Yogyakarta, is the founder and President Director of PT Jababeka, Tbk, a company in city development with the concept of beyond property. He is also active in various activities, such as founder of President University, Chairman of PATA (Pasific Asia Travel Association) Indonesia Chapter, Chairman of The Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation (PT Pembangunan Kota Tua Jakarta), and Chairman of Tidar Heritage Foundation. His motto is One City One Factory., and plans to build 100 new cities.



6. Ir. Dhony Rahajoe


Dhony Rahajoe, born in Bandung, November 1, 1965 is Managing Director of Sinar Mas Land. He graduated from Institute of Technology Bandung Department of Architecture in 1989. He is also involved in several partnership activities, such as partnership of ITSB (Institute of Technology and Science Bandung) organization with ITB and Bekasi District Government, partnership of SGU (Swiss German University) organization with Swiss German University Foundation, as well as partnership of entrepreneur program at Tanri Abeng University.



7. Ir. F. Teguh Satria (alm)

Teguh Satria was born in Pati, June 5, 1953, and passed away in Bandung, February 22, 2015. He was the Chairman of The Central Board of the Association of Real Estate Company Indonesia (REI) in 2007-2010. Then in 2011-2012, he became President of FIABCI Asia Pasific. FIABCI is real estate and property industry organization based in France. He was a figure who is very concerned about the property industry especially for public housing.



8. Ir. Budi Yuwono, Dipl. SE


Budi Yuwono, born in Tulungagung, November 17, 1952, currently is a member of Comission V DPR RI – Transportation, Public Works, Public Housing, Rural and Disadvantaged Region Development, Meteorology, Climatologym and Geophysics. Before becoming a member of DPR RI, he worked at the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, with the last position as Director General of Human Settlements (2008-2012). He finished his bachelor degree from Sanitary Engineering ITB (1972-1977) and his master degree from Water System Institute of Hydraulic Engineering Delft Netherlands (1987).


9. Dr. Yayat Supriatna, MSP


Yayat Supriatna who was born in Medan, June 4, 1965 is an urban observer, who is also a lecturer in Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environtmental Technology, Trisakti University. He was graduated from FISIP  (Faculty of Social Science and Political Science) Padjajaran University and continued his study in Urban and Regional Planning, ITB. In addition to being lecturer, he also become the Chairman of TP4 (Team of Acceleration Implementation Priority Development) Bogor City, which was formed directly by the Mayor of Bogor.


10. Ir. Nirwono Joga, MLA


Nirwono Joga, who was born in Jakarta, October 11, 1968, is an urban observer and lecturer at Trisakti University. He is also the Chairman of Indonesia Landscape Architecture Study Group, activist of ‘Ayo ke Taman’ Movement , and Coordinator of Green City Partnership. Beyond those activities, he actively writes about landscape architecture, urban, and environment. His books that published by Gramedia include ‘RTH 30%: Resolusi (Kota) Hijau’ (2011), ‘Memetakan “Hijau” Kota’ (2012), ‘Gerakan Kota HIjau’ (2013), ‘Greenesia’ (2014), ‘Mewariskan Kota Layak Huni’ (2017), and ‘Kota Cerdas Berkelanjutan’ (2017).


11. Prof. Ir. Tommy Firman, M.Sc., Ph.D


Tommy Firman, who was born in Bandung, April 2, 1950, is Professor at SAPPK (School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development), Institute of Technology Bandung. He studied undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning ITB, Master of Human Settlement Development at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and doctoral degree from Population and Urban Geography program at University of Hawaii/The East-West Center, USA. Various publications have been produced by him, especially about population mobility and urbanization, regional development, decentralization, and so on.


12. Dr. Ir. Wicaksono Sarosa


Wicaksono Sarosa, born in Bandung, October 11, 1959, is a city planning figure in Indonesia and active among urban researchers in Indonesia and Asia Pasific region. Currently, in addition to being active as the Chairman of Executive Board Kemitraan Habitat, he also runs his company called Ruang Waktu, which is a knowledge hub for sustainable (urban) development. Previously, he was Executive Director of Partnership for Government Reform (2009-2014) and Executive Director of URDI (Urban and Regional Development Institute). He finished his bachelor degree in Architecture ITB, then he got his master and doctoral degree from University of California, Berkeley, USA on City and Regional Planning.


13. Ir. Sarwo Handayani, M.Si.


Sarwo Handayani was born in Jakarta, October 1, 1954. She is retired from civil cervant of DKI Jakarta Government. She was Chair of the DKI Jakarta Governor Team for Development Acceleration 2014-2015 (Tim Gubernur untuk Percepatan Pembangunan DKI Jakarta 2014-2015). Previously, she served as Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning and Environment of DKI Jakarta (2013-2014), Head of Bappeda DKI Jakarta (2012-2013), City Development Assistant of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (2008-2013), and Head of DKI Jakarta Parks Agency (2004-2008). She graduated from Architecture ITB and she got master degree on Master of Administration from University of Indonesia.


14. Agustaviano Sofjan


Agustaviano Sofjan is the counselor / head of the Economic Function, the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand concurrently UNESCAP. He is active in various activities, one of them as Chairman of Advisory Board APRM (Asia Pasific Regional Meering). He got his bachelor degree from Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy.



15. Endy Subijono


Endy Subijono is an architect who completed his undergraduate studies at Institute of Technology Bandung, Architecture Department in 1981. He was the Chairman of IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia/Indonesian Institute of Architects) in 2008 to 2011.





16. Dr. Ir. Hetifah Sjaifudian, M.P.P.


Hetifah Sjaifudian is a member of House of Representatives of Indonesia since 2009. She was born in Bandung, October 1964. Before being elected as legislator, she is a public policy and governance experts. While in college, she had been Chairman of HMP Pangriptaloka in 1985-1986. She is also one of the founders of AKATIGA (social analysis center), WRI and Iniciative Association, and has been listed as the Executive Director of B-Trust Advisory Group for Public Policy and Governance Reform.



17. Enny Herawaty


Enny Herawaty is a practitioner and an expert in sanitation, also an observer of public facilities. She is the Secretary General of Indonesian Toilet Association since 2003. She also has been an Operator Manager at BEVCO ALUMINIUM Ltd and Asst. Director at INIAS Resources Center. She, who was graduate from Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Science Technology, is active in the field of toilet and sanitation. She has established a standard of Indonesian public toilet system with the full support of Ministry of Tourism and Industry.



18. Ir. Mardiana Estilistiati, M.Hum.


Mardiana Elistiati Pambudy, or who is familiarly called Ninuk, is a senior journalist for Kompas daily. She, who was born on April 29, 1960 completed her bachelor degree in Agornomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (1983) and earned master degree ftom Women’s Studies Program, Postgraduate Program, University of Indonesia (2003). She was Deputy Chief Editor of Kompas Daily (since June 2012) and has been an editor related to lifestyle, science and technology, as well as around gender issues. She is also a Member of the National Council of Food Security Expert Working Group since 2004. In addition, she has been active in writing about fashion industry in Indonesia.



19. Ir. Imam Santoso Ernawi, MCM, M.Sc

19-imam-s-ernawiImam S. Ernawi is active as Chairman of the Infrastructure Task Force of the XVII Asian Games Ministry of PUPR since 2017. He, who was born in Tuban, May 10, 1955, has served as Director General of Human Settlements at Ministry of Public Works. He also serves as President Commisioner of PT. Adhi Karya (Persero), Tbk. He is an alumnus of Architecture Engineering ITB in 1979 and Double Degree Postgraduate Program in Construction Management and Engineering Policy at Washington University United States in 1991. In addition, he is also an alumnus of Lemhanas KRA XXXVII in 2004. He has held various positions such as Director General of Spatial Planning, Director of Program Development of Directorate General of Human Settlements, Head of Bureau of Planning and Public Information, Director of Technical Affairs of Directorat General of Housing and Settlement, Head of Center for Public Studies, and Expert Staff on Minister for Public Works.


20. Dr. Ir. Ruchyat Deni Djakapermana, M.Eng


Ruchyat Deni Djakapermana complete is bachelor degree at Institute Tecnology of Bandung, majoring in Planology Engineering. He continued his studies at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with Department of Transportation and his doctoral at IPB, majoring in Natural Resource Development and Environment, Regional Development. Until now, he is active as a teacher of formal education or training in several universities and training institutions in Indonesia. He served as Secretary of Directorate General of Spatial Planning of Ministry of Public Works and Expert Staff of Minister of Public Works on International Institutional Relations (2012).


21. Ir. Hadi Sucahyono, MPP, MSc, Ph.D


Hadi Sucahyono has been Director of Settlement Development, Head of Infrastructure Planning of Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Since 2017, he has served as Head of Strategic Area Development Center, Regional Infrastructure Development Board of the Ministry of PUPR. He completed his undergraduate education at Institute Technology Bandung, majoring in Planology Engineering. He went to graduate school at Georgetown University with Public Policy and doctoral degree at Ohio State University majoring in City and Regional Planning.



22. Ir. Danny Sutjiono


Danny Sutjiono has been Director of Water Supply Development (PAM) in 2010-2014. He is alumnus Institute of Technology Surabaya Department of Civil Engineering whose focuses on the development and implementation of housing and urban settlement, also urban development, especially in drinking water. Some of his activities include Slum Upgrading Program in Makassar, South Sulawesi (1998-2000), Urban Poverty Progam (P2KP) (2000-2007), The Urban Peace Building Project (USDRP) Program (2007-2010), and PAMSIMAS (Penyediaan Air Minum dan Sanitasi Berbasis Masyarakat/Community Drink and Sanitation Program) (2010-2014).



23. Dr. Ir. Lana Winayanti, MCP


Since 2017, Lana Winayanti has served as Director General of Housing Financing of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Ministry of PUPR). Previously, she was and Expert Staff for Social and Cultural Affairs and Public Role of the Ministry of PUPR. She also become Deputy Evaluation of Financing in Ministry of Public Housing. She has conducted Advocacy Research on Pedestrian Rights in Padang, Yogya, and Mataram, National Report Habitat III, became Chief of the National Habitat Secretariat, became Coordinator of W65 AMPCHUD, and others. She is also active in developing and implementating public housing policies and other activities related to housing finance.


24. Ir. Susmono


He is alumnus of Department of Civil Engineering Institute Technology Bandung. He has been the Head of Project Management Unit of Urban Poverty Program (P2KP) in 1999-2000. He also has worked with NGOs (Borda, BEST, LPTP & BALIFOCUS) to develop CBS (Community Based Sanitation) since 2003. In addition, he has been actively supporting the Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Working Group (Pokja AMPL) since 2005.



25. Ir. Th. Srimulyatini Respati


Th. Srimulyantini Respati or who is familiarly called Niniek has served as Head of Sub Directorate of Technical Planning Directorate of Settlement Development, Ministry of PUPR. Since her inception as a civil servant in 1985, she has been involved in city development and development of housing and rural environtments. She also has been a rural community empowerment activist, developing a restoration residential clinic in Central Java, in cooperation with ministries or institutions at the central and regional levels. She also become part of the team of coaches and assistants of the management of simple rental apartment (Rusunawa) since 2004.


26. Ir. Dwityo Akoro Soeranto, MURP

Since 2016, Dwityo has served as the Director of Integrated Settlement Infrastructure, Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Housing. He was a Project Manager at Urban Sector Development Reform Project in 2007-2013, a cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and the World Bank. He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Urban and Regional Planning in 1986. Then he continued his graduate study at Virginia Commonwealth University, College of Humanities and Sciences, majoring in Urban Studies and Planning.



  1. Chairman of Executive Board:
    Dr. Ir. Wicaksono Sarosa
  2. Vice Chairman of Executive Board:
    – Ir. Danny Sutjiono
    – Ir. Sarwo Handayani, M.Si.
  3. Members of Executive Board:
    – Dr. Yayat Supriatna, MSP
    – Ir. Dhony Rahajoe
    – Ir. Susmono
    – Ir. Nirwono Joga. MLA


  1. Ir. M. Sjukrul Amien, MM – UDMA Banjarmasin City
  2. Ir. Th. Sri Mulyatini Respati – UDMA Malang City
  3. Ir. Antonius Budiono, MCM – UDMA Palu City
  4. Ir. M. Maliki Moersid, MCM – UDMA Banda Aceh City
  5. Ir. Ismono Yahmo, MA – UDMA Mataram CIty
  6. Ir. Kati Andraini, MPIA – UDMA Bogor City


  1. Gabriel Efod Virant Pangkerengo, ST (Executive Secretary / Urban Planner)
  2. Nur Ratna Mukti, ST (Urban Planner)
    Dwiky Sarahidha Irelli, ST (Urban Planner)