KEMITRAAN HABITAT is a non-government organization, non-profit, independent, not linked with and meant to support certain group’s interest, nor any political interest. It exists as driving force to foster collaboration among the stakeholders in creating livable and sustainable settlements.

KEMITRAAN HABITAT opens the opportunity to work together to various stakeholders – experts, academician, private, and urban activists – that concern to city and settlement, to join as “strategic partners)”.

KEMITRAAN HABITAT was founded and has 26 members called “Teman Serikat”, consist of:

1.       Djoko Kirmanto (Chairman)

2.       Erna Witoelar (Co-Chairman)

3.       M. Ridwan Kamil

4.       Bima Arya Sugiarto

5.       S.D. Darmono

6.       Budi Yuwono

7.       Yayat Supriatna

8.       Wicaksono Sarosa

9.       Dhony Rahajoe

10.   Hetifah Sjaifudian

11.   Nirwono Joga

12.   Tommy Firman

13.   Endy Subijono

14.   Sarwo Handayani

15.   Imam. S. Ernawi

16.   Agustaviano Sofyan

17.   Ninuk Mardiana Pambudy

18.   Ruchyat Deni Djakapermana

19.   Lana Winayanti

20.   Danny Sutjiono

21.   Hadi Sucahyono

22.   Teguh Satria (alm.)

23.   Susmono

24.   Enny Herawati

25.   Dwityo A. Soeranto

26.   Th. Srimulyatini Respati