Policy Advocacy and Resources (PAR)

Policy Advocacy and Resources (PAR) program is the answer to the gap between urban and development needs and the constraints or challenges of urban development. PAR is tasked with enhancing partnerships among stakeholders, through:

  1. Building partnership embryos through local champions from various stakeholders in the region.
  2. Advocating debottlenecking policy to relevant Ministries/Agencies and Local Goverments that become constraints to settlement and urban development, with partnerships approach.
  3. Mobilize resources and develop funding alternatives that can optimize the interests of each party and encourage establishment of partnership-based development.

PAR activities include:

  1. Coorperation with relevant Ministries/Agencies, in the implementation of the habitat development policy
  2. Providing policy inputs and strategies of Ministries/Agencies, including NSP that are new and essential reference for the organization of habitats.
  3. Increasing awareness to business and potential donors.
  4. The concept of Kemitraan Habitat sustainable funding access.