Urban Developent and Management Advisory (UDMA)

Urban Development and Management Advisory (UDMA) has an important role in implementing Kemitraan Habitat function.

UDMA plays a role in assisting local governments and communities to utilize the greatest potential in urban management and development using a partnership approach.

It is a regional partner whose able to connect regions with center stakeholders, government with private sectors, academics, communities, also inter-sectors.

Since 2015, Kemitraan Habitat has accompanied settlement and urban development in six cities: Banjarmasin City, Bogor City, Malang City, Palu City, Mataram City, and Banda Aceh City. Each region has a typical development with the localities of each region, and has Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as follows:

  1. Accelerate the achievement of regions in implementng the program 100-0-100 (100% clean water, 0% slums, and 100% sanitation access).
  2. Make UDMA Regional Institution more effective in supporting Regional Government including its knowledge management.
  3. Increasing local resources in the settlement program 100-0-100, including APBD, BUMD/BUMN, private and public, and the state budget (APBN).

UDMA is also an instrument to implement the New Urban Aagenda in Indonesia, through:

  1. Regional Advocacy
    a. The involvement of various stakeholders
    b. Community participation
  2. Pre-Design
    a. Pro poor people
    b. Basic infrastructure
    c. Improving progress in society
  3. Partnership Development
    a. Developan integrated program matrix
    b. Connecting stakeholders